American-made Production Lead Time

Hillsboro, IL Atlas 46 Sign

To all our past, present and future customers. We want to thank you for the years of support that has made Atlas 46 a fast growing company. We have almost doubled our sales every year for 3 years. This is great news for Atlas 46, the communities we support and American workers. We believe in hand-making our products, pushing boundaries in innovation, and building durable gear with unsurpassed quality that will last a lifetime. We understand this takes a little more time than our competitors, but we believe it makes it absolutely worth the wait!

However, all of this combined can cause our lead times to be longer than expected. Addressing the issue of lead times has been a top priority for Atlas 46. We opened our 2nd American-made manufacturing facility on February 25, 2019 that will double our current production capacity. Unfortunately it will take some time before this facility reaches full capacity. For the location, we chose Hillsboro, IL, because of their beautifully restored buildings and quality labor force. Many companies have decided to abandon the small towns of America for cheap labor in other countries. We have decided to invest heavily into them. As we keep an eye on our current growth rate, we will be investigating a 3rd American-made manufacturing facility for 2020. We will NEVER sacrifice our quality to get our product out the door faster.

Thank you to all of you who have supported our company. To those who we have upset with our long lead times, we apologize and hope you will give us a second chance.

At any time, please feel free to contact our customer service at [email protected], hop on our live chat 9am - 5pm USA CST, or call us at (636) 600-9165 to find out about stock of an item or request FREE partial shipping. You can still place orders for out of stock items but lead times can be longer.