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Jet Textured Fabrics™

Before becoming fabric, our nylon yarn goes through an extra process known as Air-Jet Texturing, giving the yarn more abrasion resistance, bulk, a softer feel and a matte finish for the look and durability you expect from Atlas 46. 


1000D CORDURA® Nylon

Used in all of our pouches and bags due to it being one of the most abrasion resistant fabrics on the market.

LaserLock Fabric™

This fabric is laser cut and locks the edge of the fabric together to keep the material from unraveling and is 50% more cut and abrasion resistant than our standard air-jet textured nylon. The process combines two pieces of air-jet textured nylon into one solid piece of material. Look for products with LaserLock™. 

330D Nylon

All though this is a lighter weight, the abrasion resistance of this fabric is truly remarkable. We use this as reinforcement on our Concord work shorts and pants for greater freedom of movement while still offering durability.

Mount Vernon Mills 88/12 Cotton Nylon Blend

Used in our Concord Work Shorts and Pants, the 88% cotton allows breath-ability and stretch to provide comfort on the work site, while the 12% Nylon allows the fabric to have a strong and durable inner structure so the material will hold up for many different jobs.

Diversitex 75/25 Cotton Nylon Blend

This fabric is used for our Forge Slick Side, and Lincoln Work Pants and Shorts. The 75% Cotton allows the pants to breath while the 25% Nylon gives the material rigidity and strength.


Dependable, breathable and flexible cushioning material that adds long-lasting performance and comfort. Whether you need moisture management, antimicrobial protection, cushioning or high impact absorbing performance, enhancing our Heavy Duty Knee Pads with PORON®.

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