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How it’s made matters!

Atlas 46 believes that not only made in the USA matters but also the communities, buildings, and working conditions are also important. We want to change the way that manufacturing is done in America by bringing historical micro manufacturing to small towns across America and helping them restore buildings, communities, schools and more. We are also combining our manufacturing with our brick and mortar stores so our customers can see for themselves. This will show how our products are being made and hopefully give people the opportunity to tour these great communities when visiting. 

We challenge all manufacturers to show how their products are being made, distributed, sold, and how they are supporting the communities. 

What is Atlas 46 historical micro manufacturing?

It is manufacturing in smaller historical buildings across the USA for people to work. Putting our manufacturing in small, historical, beautiful buildings helps our employees enjoy coming to work, gives them a sense of community, and provides an opportunity to restore these historic buildings.