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Hybrid Atkins Radio Strap

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Product Details

The Hybrid Atkins Radio Strap is constructed of a premium oil aged tanned leather in black, is fully adjustable and evenly displaces the weight of your radio and extra tools. The three rugged nylon webbing panels allow you to attach a variety of tools and gear onto the loops, and each panel is removable to customize the strap perfectly to your body. The two stationary loops at the top of the strap keep your hand mic in place for easy access. Also includes a padded non-slip shoulder panel for added comfort.

Shown with the Hybrid Graff Radio Holster

Features and Benefits

  • Constructed out of premium oil aged tanned leather in black
  • 2 Heavy duty swivel trigger clips
  • Effectively displaces the weight of your radio and gear
  • Fully adjustable
  • Adjustable sway strap
  • Padded non-slip shoulder panel
  • Rugged nylon webbing to last a lifetime
  • Three slotted, removable webbing panels to carry a variety of extra tools
  • Two stationary loops for your Hand Mic
  • Graff Radio Holster not included
  • Dimensions: 2" x 62"-82"
  • Hand crafted in the USA
  • Lifetime guarantee

Why Atkins?!

Thomas Atkins, was the first firefighting officer (captain/foreman) in the country in colonial America in 1678.

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