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Wall Control - Extended Reach Slotted Pegboard Hook - 2 pack - 9" Reach

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The Wall Control 9" Extended Reach Slotted Pegboard Hooks are great for hanging many items, such as extension cords, hoses, rope, small ladders, spools, tape rolls, etc.

Includes: (2) 9" Reach Extended Slotted Tool Board Hooks.

  • It extends roughly 9" from the pegboard tool board.
  • Features a slightly curved peg hook tip which prevents tools and accessories from sliding off.
  • Scratch and rust resistant baked-on finish.
  • Include stabilizing tabs which can carefully be bent back toward the panel face with a pair of pliers to create tension, locking them into place.

Wall Control Pegboard Products are Made in the USA.

*Only for use with Wall Control Metal Pegboard Tool Panel. Wall Control's patented slotted pegboard hooks and accessories improve hook security for more hassle-free tool storage. Not for use with Wall Control 3" Tall Pegboard Strips.

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