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Wera Wrench Roll with Tools

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Product Details

The Atlas46 Wera Wrench Roll features 8 high-quality Wera SAE wrenches wrapped up in a self-securing compact tool roll.

Features and Benefits
  • Made with Hypalon material to grip and hold wrenches in place.
  • 6-12 loop backing & side hook tab can be used for attaching the roll to both loop and hook material.
  • Compatible with the Atlas46 Merrick Tool Roll™
  • Wera Joker wrench designed with a 7.5 degree pivoted mouth to better work in narrow spaces.
  • Double hexagon geometry added to give twice the number of placement points.
  • Bolts or screw heads can be "taken" every 15 degrees.
  • Features Take it Easy tool finder with color coding by size
  • Open Dimensions w/ Tools: 13.25" x 9.5"

    SKUs: A46-TOOLS-WWR, A46-WWR
  • Wera 6004 Series Joker Combination SAE Set Includes

    5/16" x 115 mm
    3/8" x 125 mm
    7/16" x 135 mm
    1/2" x 160 mm
    9/16" x 167 mm
    5/8" x 182 mm
    11/16" x 210 mm
    3/4" x 230 mm

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