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Woodworker's Pouch

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Product Details

This low-profile, versatile, pouch is the base layer for every work day. Designed to unobtrusively switch between many tool scenarios, this belt-mounted pouch stays close and out of the way. A bare-bones approach to the traditional tool belt. Designed with the help from Brian Lee, a master woodworker in Hillsboro, IL. The Woodworker's Pouch is constructed out of a premium oil aged tanned leather. This pouch features 2 magnets at the top loose screws or extra punches, a laser engraved logo hammer strap on the outside, and 2 angled pencil slots allow you to put your pencil away without looking. Attach this pouch to your tool belt or any belt up to 2 inches to have the perfect extra set of hands while working in the shop.
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Features and Benefits:

  • Three large magnets hold bits or fasteners and keep your metal handled tools close to your waist
  • Made out of durable premium oil aged tanned leather, for a long-lasting pouch that will age well
  • Inner pencil and utility knife pockets fit hundreds of different tools including standard utility knife
  • Hammer loop keeps it close but is flexible
  • Two additional bit pockets on front keep bits tightly stored so they don’t get knocked off during the day
  • Metal D ring for keys, carabiner, etc
  • Made in USA
  • 46 Day Trail Period
  • Lifetime Guarantee

From Brian Lee:

“I was always looking for a quality pouch that had high function but didn’t give me the urge to take it off after each task was done. As a woodworker and a historic building renovator you can’t carry around every tool you’ll need, and you wouldn’t want to. This pouch is a way to keep the few things I’m using at my fingertips. When I finish a task, the magnetic strips and the slim pouch give me the ability to swap out hundreds of different tools instead of having a slot that’s for each specific tool.”

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