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Supporting Our Local Community

Atlas 46 is teaming up with Imagine Hillsboro in creating a fun and safe family environment in the small town of Hillsboro, IL. This park will represent the rebuilding of a town in the heart of the USA. This is another step towards achieving the philosophy of Atlas 46 which is, rebuilding Small Town America. 

Central Park is located at the heart of Hillsboro, two blocks east of a downtown that is undergoing a significant renaissance through the work of young people who are buying and rehabilitating buildings to create a different future for the town. The park is situated on land that has played a significant role in the town’s history. A natural spring located on the land provided water to the town for its first 75 years of existence. In 1903, the town built a puddle wall, still visible today, that created the first lake that supplied Hillsboro with water. It is now a city owned park that stands to play another significant role in Hillsboro’s transformation.

Central Park, which is close to the city’s Challacombe House Park, includes a public swimming pool built in 1937 by the WPA, concession stand and pickle ball courts for the summer months. In October 2019, the “Pawsboro 620-K9” dog park opened after a community-led effort raised $18,000 for its construction. Central Park is poised to be the nexus point of our planned hiking and running trails that will run throughout the city.

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