HiVis bags that are made in the USA

Premium hi-vis gear and workwear that is made in the USA. Learn more...

All american made workwear made by Atlas 46

Handcrafting premium tool carriage, storage, and workwear in the USA. Learn more...

The Martinez Collection Kit

The Martinez Kit

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Saunders Battery Clip™

The Saunders Battery Clip is made from durable and lightweight carbon fiber infused nylon. Made for DeWalt and Milwaukee tool and compatible with our AIMS™ attachment systems for quick and easy latching to your belt, vest, chest rig or apron. Learn more at Learn more..

Square Carpenters Pencil Holder

Keep your rafter square and carpenter pencil on hand with the new Square & Pencil Holder Combo™! Made from carbon fiber infused nylon, it's durable and comes with a lifetime warranty. Learn more at Learn more..

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Atlas 46 ships our tool vests, tool belts, and gear worldwide

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Structural Collapse Kit - A tool vest for First Responders

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Toughest Work Pants on the Market.

All american made workwear made by Atlas 46

330 Reinforced. See all workwear...

Atlas 46 is a USA manufacturer that allows consumers to order directly from us as the manufacturer. Our production facilities are built in rural communities to help revitalize the downtown districts. Because we offer an extensive product line and handcraft our items, our products are made to order. You can also contact one of our dealers at any time to see if they have any of your desired products in stock. Thank you for supporting us as a handcrafted USA-made manufacturer.