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The Martinez Kit

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Saunders Battery Clip™

The Saunders Battery Clip is made from durable and lightweight carbon fiber infused nylon. Made for DeWalt and Milwaukee tool and compatible with our AIMS™ attachment systems for quick and easy latching to your belt, vest, chest rig or apron. Learn more at Learn more..

Square Carpenters Pencil Holder

Keep your rafter square and carpenter pencil on hand with the new Square & Pencil Holder Combo™! Made from carbon fiber infused nylon, it's durable and comes with a lifetime warranty. Learn more at Learn more..


Before becoming fabric, our nylon yarn goes through an extra process known as Air-Jet Texturing, giving the yarn more abrasion resistance, bulk, a softer feel and a a matte finish for the look and durability you expect from Atlas 46. Learn more..

46 Day Trial

Test It, Review It, Inspect It. If you’re not completely satisfied with the purchase, return the USED product for a full refund. We are confident in our product, enough to let you try it out risk free for 46 days.

Durable materials combined with rugged construction and a lifetime guarantee ensure our products will hold up to what you throw at it, and keep coming back for more!

Craftsmanship you can feel!

What makes Atlas 46 the industry leader in gear? From the quality and durability of the raw goods used to hand-craft our products, to the sewing techniques we apply by hand to manufacture our gear - we hold every product to the highest standards to make sure they will last for years to come in the toughest of working conditions. True, American craftsmanship is not forged quickly, and therefore our lead times can translate into a longer than usual wait for our specialized gear.

See our craftsmanship page...

Yorktown Tool Roll®

Become more efficient at any job with our best seller the Yorktown Tool Roll® (YTR). Quickly find the tool you need to save time on any job. Perfect for around the house, the job site, or off-road. See all our Tool Rolls...

Cooled to the Core.

The all new Stratos Open Core Tool Vest™. Learn more..

An ergonomic way to carry your tools.

Saratoga Tool Vest Details...

We ship everywhere

Atlas 46 ships our tool vests, tool belts, and gear worldwide

Shipped to over 80 countries and counting. Start shopping...

All american made workwear made by Atlas 46

Handcrafting premium tool carriage, storage, and workwear in the USA. Learn more...

Tool Vests, Shop Aprons, & more.

Structural Collapse Kit - A tool vest for First Responders

American Made, Lifetime Guarantee, and 46 day trial. Shop now...

Toughest Work Pants on the Market.

All american made workwear made by Atlas 46

330 Reinforced. See all workwear...

Yorktown vs Tool Box

Yorktown Tool Roll is the ultimate tool roll pouch, delivering more carry options and organization. Shop Now

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Atlas 46 needs you!

Looking for an opportunity to join a fast moving company making a difference with American made products? Learn more

Remaking America

Atlas 46 is taking the next step to help communities flourish with the launch of the Remaking America Program, our new home sewing program. Learn more...

Atlas 46 is a USA manufacturer that allows consumers to order directly from us as the manufacturer. Our production facilities are built in rural communities to help revitalize the downtown districts. Because we offer an extensive product line and handcraft our items, our products are made to order. You can also contact one of our dealers at any time to see if they have any of your desired products in stock. Thank you for supporting us as a handcrafted USA-made manufacturer.